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Perk Up

Together, We Can Achieve More

Perk Up is our partner program that offers numerous marketing, merchandising, and financial benefits all designed to strengthen your position as a market leader and boost your sales.

As one of the largest tile manufacturer and distributor, Niro Ceramic Group is your best partner when it comes to building and construction. You may be an architect, interior designer, developer or marketing personnel in a housing or commercial developer company or a hardware supplier – reach out to us and be our partner.

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Perk Up Benefits for You

360° VR Showroom Unit Tour

Customised 360° VR Tour of your property to help you sell your property to customers online

Expand Your Reach Through Social Media

Leverage on our social media platforms to upsell your property

Our Services at Your Property Showroom

Mini booth from us providing complimentary services to your potential customers to help you close the sale

Complimentary Tiles for Showroom Mock Up

Special support from us to provide you with tiles for your showroom setup

Additional avenue for you to promote property sales

Leverage on our retail stores nationwide to help you promote your property

Special Sales Booth at Creative Lab

Set up your sales booth at selected Creative Lab retail outlets to reach out to more customers


Perk Up Benefits for Your Customers

Professional Services for Your Customers

Complimentary professional services, only for your home buyers

3D Mock Up

Complimentary 3D visuals for any additional renovations required by your home buyers

To secure your partnership with Niro Ceramic Group in our Perk Up Program, only two commitment from you is needed – business volume and showroom floor space. And of course your will to increase your sales volume.

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