The Astonishing Statement Legacy
Ubiquitous and elegant characteristics One tile for multiple applications, indoors and outdoors
Easy to clean and maintain, stain resistance
Produces anti-slip effect when in contact with water.

The Astonishing Statement

Narrating the essence of mother nature, Legacy is designed after the pattern inspired by Cipollino Marble, an Italian stone from Tuscany – a metamorphic rock that comes with thick, wavy veins and crystalline. The design articulates the depth and durability where both offer an exceptional aesthetic characteristic of Italian Stone.

This tile collection consists of 3 colours and it comes with Slip-Stop surface that is practical when applied at areas that are prone to water accumulation, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas. It is also ideal for households with elderly and children making it a new realm in the tile revolution where only one surface can meet diverse needs.

Drawing upon the perfect balance between contemporary and versatility, Legacy delivers an astonishing statement in any space.


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The One Surface That Meets Diverse Needs

Say goodbye to slips at home with revolutionary slip-stop tiles. Smooth surface that produces anti-slip effect when in contact with water.

One tile – multiple applications.


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